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Exceptional Patient No.6

FC is a paymaster, a spouse, and a mother. She keeps busy but also enjoys having some time to enjoy her hobbies. In the last 2 years, she has been living with constant pain and numbness in both her hands. She went to visit her general physician who diagnosed her with severe bilateral carpal tunnel, which enabled her to be bumped up the elective surgery list at the hospital. The expected delay: 2 years.

Her symptoms got worse and worse. This greatly affected her sleep, her mood, and her ability to be emotionally available for her loved ones. That is until she decided to take matters into her own hands.

So she started doing her research and landed on Exception MD, which she chose for the quality of the informative videos accessible on the website, for the minimally invasive approach that was put forward, and for the client-centered approach that enabled her to get surgery within 2 weeks of her initial consultation.

After careful examination, Dr. Brutus determines that she needs surgery for a double compression of her median nerve on both sides (carpal tunnel and lacertus syndrome). The day after her surgery on the first side, she slept the whole night, something she had not done in 2 years. She could not believe it. After her second surgery, her symptoms disappeared, and her strength came back.

"Our health has no price. If we want what is best for us, we have to invest our time and money into it, instead of spending it on materialistic possessions anyways. If I had to do it again, I would do it exactly like this. It was worth every single penny."

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