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Exceptional Patient No.5

AT is a construction worker who has been working hard since he was a child and feels his arms are giving up on him. He feels numbness and pain in his forearms and elbows. He can’t sleep, despite wearing splints at night. He is no longer able to work. He decides that his health is essential, postpones some projects and purchases, and decides to consult Exception MD, on the recommendation of others. The verdict: double median nerve compression in the wrist and elbow.

He underwent surgery on his right arm and then a week later on his left. During his second surgery, he tells us about the recovery of his right arm.

"My right hand was operated on exactly one week ago. It now moves very well, and I have very little pain after the surgery. The tingling and numbness I had before are gone. I also had surgery on my elbow, and everything went well. Now, I will go through the same process here for my left hand."

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