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Exceptional Patient No.4

PT, who likes to work out, comes to Exception MD with carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists. The 45-minute consultation confirmed carpal tunnel syndrome, but PT learned that he also had bilateral lacertus syndrome, a compression of the median nerve at the elbow under a ligament called lacertus fibrosus. This is why he lacks strength and endurance. PT is not convinced of the need to decompress the nerve at the elbow and chooses to have his carpal tunnel decompressed, by endoscopy. He underwent surgery and was relieved of the numbness and night pain typical of carpal tunnel syndrome.

In the following months, he consulted again because of some residual numbness, loss of strength and dexterity. The new evaluation confirmed that the carpal tunnel had been adequately relieved, but that the median nerve compression at the elbow persisted in both arms. Finally convinced, he chose to undergo nerve decompression in both elbows simultaneously, under local anesthesia without a tourniquet (Walant). He was delighted to quickly recover his strength and endurance. At last, he no longer has numbness.

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"I'm very pleased, but I should have listened and done the wrist and elbow decompression all at once. I would have saved myself money and had one recovery instead of two. You guys are really professional. I regret that I was not examined as you did by my doctor. It certainly would have helped me make a better choice."

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