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Exceptional Patient No.12

PT is a surgical oncologist with osteoarthritis in the base of his thumb, whose pain is resistant to cortisone infiltrations. He has tried PRP, but in his case, without success. He has decided to have surgery because he is worried that he will not be able to hold a pair of forceps or other instruments to operate. He is not yet ready to be forced to retire because of his hand.

He consults Dr. Brutus, as he knows he operates on many doctors and surgeons. The good news is that his condition makes joint replacement with a total prosthesis of the Maia type possible.

The surgery takes place at a time that is convenient for PT, under Walant-type local anesthesia (no tourniquet). PT watches his surgery and can even participate in it. With the use of local anesthesia, we were able to verify the stability in the joint replacement during active movement during the surgery, which enables PT to begin rehabilitation earlier, thus recuperating faster and better.

As a matter of fact, a week after his joint replacement, rehabilitation begins. Eight weeks later, PT is back in the operating room and back to his life.

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"What helped me get through this was the research I did on my problem and especially the expertise of my surgeon. My hand means a lot to me, and my patients, for that matter, so I wanted the best. I am delighted with the result. I understand with difficulty why the surgeons at my hospital could not offer me this option."

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