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Exceptional Patient No.11

NU is a surgeon who injured his thumb while skiing. He is no longer able to operate and is worried about his career. He consults with two colleagues in his hospital, who are not comfortable operating on him and refer him to Dr. Brutus, who regularly operates on physicians. He consulted at Exception MD.

Digital X-rays and an ultrasound performed on-site confirm that a major ligament is torn in the young surgeon’s thumb. A few days later, NU underwent surgery.

Here is a video at three-week post-op, as rehabilitation begins.

A few weeks later, he began operating on his patients again and returned to his normal life.

"I was honestly worried that I would have sequelae that would have prevented me from continuing my career as a surgeon. I am relieved to have my hand back. The most reassuring factor for me was the experience and specialty of my surgeon. It's hard to become a patient when you're a doctor, but at Exception MD, I felt like I was at home or with friends."

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