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Exceptional Patient No.1

MB had his first surgery by another surgeon for carpal tunnel syndrome. The pain he had been having at night disappeared, but his fingers remain numb and his strength and dexterity did not come back. He underwent multiple surgeries, but the symptoms persisted. MB shares his testimonial.

He then consults a second specialist who decides to re-operate. Mr. MB undergoes a second carpal tunnel release, only a few months after his first one. His symptoms persisted. He then consults a third specialist, who proceeds to do a third carpal tunnel revision surgery.

And yet again, it is a failure for MB because the symptoms of numbness in his fingers and weakness remain despite the 3 surgeries.

"I have undergone three surgeries for carpal tunnel syndrome in my left hand, with three different surgeons. Two of the surgeries took place in a hospital center. However, the results were always the same: my fingers remained numb and I continued to experience weakness in my hand. Recently, nine days ago, I had surgery for Lacertus syndrome in my left arm in this clinic, and since then, my strength has returned and the pain that I had previously attributed to a physical cause has disappeared. It has been a significant change, and I feel much better now."

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