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Exceptional Patient No.13

RP suffers from a contracture in two fingers of his hand. He knows that this condition runs in his family. As a musician, he is very concerned that he will not be able to continue making and playing his musical instruments. LP is not only an artist but also a maker of stringed instruments. For this reason, he chose Dr. Brutus because of his unique expertise.

The surgery went perfectly under local anesthesia. Dr. Brutus prescribed radiation therapy postoperatively to reduce the risk of disease recurrence after surgery.

"Thanks to my surgeon's referral, I quickly got an appointment with Dr. Shenouda, one of the few radiation therapists who treat Dupuytren's disease in a preventive manner. The treatments are painless and give me confidence in the future. I hope to continue working for many years to come. If the disease should ever return, I know where to go."

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