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Does your work or personal occupation cause you to perform repetitive manual actions?

Do you suffer from numbness or frequent tingling sensations in the palm of your hand or in your fingers (especially thumb, forefinger and middle finger)?

Do you feel tingling and numbness especially in your thumb, forefinger, middle finger and fourth finger rather than your little finger?

Do you feel numbness or tingling in your fingers when you read a newspaper, drive a car or talk on the phone?

Do you feel numbness in your hand or hands when you raise them above your head?

Do you often feel a burning sensation in the palm of your hand or at your fingers?

Do you need to shake your hand or hands to try to relieve numbness?

Do your fingers seem swollen or clumsy, even if the swelling is not obvious?

Do the symptoms seem greater at night or on waking?

Have you ever awakened at night feeling the need to shake your hand to alleviate the symptoms?

Does splinting at night alleviate symptoms?

Do you feel weakness in your hand or wrist?

Have you noticed any discomfort or awkwardness when holding objects in your hand or trying to perform certain motions?

Do you have difficulty buttoning your clothes or handling small objects?

Do you have symptoms in both hands?

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