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Press release: Canadian first at the Montreal Institute for Special Surgery

Dr Brutus - March 9, 2013

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A revolutionary stitchless surgery with minimal downtime is now available to patients suffering from trigger fingers.

Montreal (Quebec), January 12th, 2012 – A new minimally invasive endoscopic surgical procedure for trigger finger release has been performed for the first time in Canada, right here in Quebec. Until now, a few specialized hand surgeons in Japan, Italy and the United States only offered this technique.

A trigger finger is a painful condition due to inflammation around the flexor tendons of the fingers causing the fingers to catch, snap or lock with attempted flexion. Opening the hand is then painful and sometimes requires the assistance of the other hand. In advanced cases, fingers can remain totally locked. One or more fingers can be affected. The condition is common after forty, as well as in manual workers and diabetics. Dexterity and grip strength are affected.

Dr. Jean-Paul Brutus now performs this new technique under local anesthesia, in a matter of minutes, using two tiny access holes per finger. A high definition mini camera is introduced along with a specially designed cutting instrument to divide only the ligament responsible for the locking while preserving all other tissues of the hand. Stitches are not required.

Traditional open surgery requires a one-inch incision in the palm to divide this ligament. This technique is efficient but requires six to eight weeks to heal and fully recover because important tissues have been cut open to access the ligament. This may result in stiffness due to adhesions and scarring around the tendons.

Dr. Brutus says that the great benefits of the new technique are that stitches and a dressing are not required and that free use of the hand is possible after 48 hours. Downtime and post-operative discomfort are minimized.

“In less than one week, I was back to my normal, very active lifestyle. I was weightlifting and fit for all my activities. For a busy person like myself, this technique was wonderful”, says Mr. P.A., the first Canadian patient.

The three other patients had very similar recoveries and were thrilled with their results, encouraging Dr. Brutus to use this technique as his first choice for treating this condition. “We are getting results that would normally require an extra six weeks to get with open surgery”, commented Dr. Brutus.

Visit or watch this video to get more information about this revolutionary stitchless surgery with minimal downtime to treat the trigger fingers.

More and more Canadians are turning to private hand surgery to be offered choices and options that are tailored to their personal needs. Appointments and surgeries are scheduled within ten days.

Dr. Brutus is a national leader in the field of hand and wrist surgery and specializes in minimally invasive surgery. Quebec is the leading province in Canada for private surgical care.

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