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Explore others healing journeys with Exception MD

Read inspiring stories of our patients' transformative journeys with Exception MD as they embark on the path to healing their hands.

Exceptional Patient No.1

MB had his first surgery by another surgeon for carpal tunnel syndrome. The pain he had been having at night disappeared, but his fingers remain numb and his strength and dexterity did not come back. He underwent multiple surgeries, but the symptoms persisted. MB shares his testimonial.

He then consults a second specialist who decides to re-operate. Mr. MB undergoes a second carpal tunnel release, only a few months after his first one. His symptoms persisted. He then consults a third specialist, who proceeds to do a third carpal tunnel revision surgery.

And yet again, it is a failure for MB because the symptoms of numbness in his fingers and weakness remain despite the 3 surgeries.

"I have undergone three surgeries for carpal tunnel syndrome in my left hand, with three different surgeons. Two of the surgeries took place in a hospital center. However, the results were always the same: my fingers remained numb and I continued to experience weakness in my hand. Recently, nine days ago, I had surgery for Lacertus syndrome in my left arm in this clinic, and since then, my strength has returned and the pain that I had previously attributed to a physical cause has disappeared. It has been a significant change, and I feel much better now."

Exceptional Patient No.2

LD is diabetic and underwent an open carpal tunnel release on his right hand at another clinic. He is scheduled to have the same surgery on his left hand 6 weeks from the first one. Unfortunately, he developed a wound infection and had trouble with scheduling an adequate medical follow-up. After this experience, LD did not want to have an open carpal tunnel release again.

He then decides to book a consultation at Exception MD for his left hand. During consultation, the diagnosis of wound infection is confirmed and LD is put under antibiotics. A few weeks later, after complete healing of the wound infection, he undergoes an endoscopic carpal tunnel release for which he recovered from fully.

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"It is a whole other experience compared to having surgery at the hospital, the healing process, of course, but I am especially grateful that I was treated like a person and not like a number. After surgery, especially in the case of an infection, it is reassuring to have the adequate follow-up."

Exceptional Patient No.3

ST consults an orthopedic surgeon in a private medical clinic in the Montreal region for carpal tunnel syndrome. The surgeon examines the wrist briefly and takes a look at his EMG results, before confirming that a surgery is necessary. The consultation lasts for about 10 minutes.

The day of the surgery, he is informed that he will be operated on by another doctor because his surgeon no longer works at the clinic. This new doctor does not examine or ask the patient about his symptoms and proceeds to do an open carpal tunnel release of the right wrist, in very rudimentary sterile conditions, which surprises ST. ST describes feeling an electric shock during the procedure, but the surgeon reassures him that everything is normal. He leaves the clinic that day with a scheduled follow-up in 10 days.

At his postoperative follow-up appointment, ST informs the nurse who removes the stitches that his symptoms have worsened. He has more pain and electric shocks. The nurse assures him that these will improve. His surgeon was not on site and therefore could not assess ST’s condition.

A few weeks later, his condition worsens, and he calls the clinic to see the doctor again. The doctor was not available. He decided to consult Exception MD. His initial assessment took 45 minutes and revealed that his right carpal tunnel was still blocked, and electrical tests showed that the condition of the median nerve in his right wrist had deteriorated. In addition, a complete examination of his left upper extremity shows carpal tunnel syndrome and compression of the same nerve higher up in the elbow. The phenomenon of double compression of the nerve (like a garden hose in the garden is rarely blocked in one place), is very common and should be investigated for optimal results.

ST was then operated on for an endoscopic revision of the right carpal tunnel, an endoscopic decompression of the left carpal tunnel and a decompression of the left lacertus (at the elbow), in one session, under Walant-type local anesthesia (without tourniquet on the arm). He is delighted with the result and regrets having had the first surgery elsewhere.

carpalLacertus patient picture
"It was based on their advertising. I should have done my research better on the surgeon, rather than the clinic. I don't understand how it was not possible to see my surgeon after the operation when I was not well. I am very happy to have my hands back."

Exceptional Patient No.4

PT, who likes to work out, comes to Exception MD with carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists. The 45-minute consultation confirmed carpal tunnel syndrome, but PT learned that he also had bilateral lacertus syndrome, a compression of the median nerve at the elbow under a ligament called lacertus fibrosus. This is why he lacks strength and endurance. PT is not convinced of the need to decompress the nerve at the elbow and chooses to have his carpal tunnel decompressed, by endoscopy. He underwent surgery and was relieved of the numbness and night pain typical of carpal tunnel syndrome.

In the following months, he consulted again because of some residual numbness, loss of strength and dexterity. The new evaluation confirmed that the carpal tunnel had been adequately relieved, but that the median nerve compression at the elbow persisted in both arms. Finally convinced, he chose to undergo nerve decompression in both elbows simultaneously, under local anesthesia without a tourniquet (Walant). He was delighted to quickly recover his strength and endurance. At last, he no longer has numbness.

carpalLacertus patient picture carpalLacertus patient picture
"I'm very pleased, but I should have listened and done the wrist and elbow decompression all at once. I would have saved myself money and had one recovery instead of two. You guys are really professional. I regret that I was not examined as you did by my doctor. It certainly would have helped me make a better choice."

Exceptional Patient No.5

AT is a construction worker who has been working hard since he was a child and feels his arms are giving up on him. He feels numbness and pain in his forearms and elbows. He can’t sleep, despite wearing splints at night. He is no longer able to work. He decides that his health is essential, postpones some projects and purchases, and decides to consult Exception MD, on the recommendation of others. The verdict: double median nerve compression in the wrist and elbow.

He underwent surgery on his right arm and then a week later on his left. During his second surgery, he tells us about the recovery of his right arm.

"My right hand was operated on exactly one week ago. It now moves very well, and I have very little pain after the surgery. The tingling and numbness I had before are gone. I also had surgery on my elbow, and everything went well. Now, I will go through the same process here for my left hand."

Exceptional Patient No.6

FC is a paymaster, a spouse, and a mother. She keeps busy but also enjoys having some time to enjoy her hobbies. In the last 2 years, she has been living with constant pain and numbness in both her hands. She went to visit her general physician who diagnosed her with severe bilateral carpal tunnel, which enabled her to be bumped up the elective surgery list at the hospital. The expected delay: 2 years.

Her symptoms got worse and worse. This greatly affected her sleep, her mood, and her ability to be emotionally available for her loved ones. That is until she decided to take matters into her own hands.

So she started doing her research and landed on Exception MD, which she chose for the quality of the informative videos accessible on the website, for the minimally invasive approach that was put forward, and for the client-centered approach that enabled her to get surgery within 2 weeks of her initial consultation.

After careful examination, Dr. Brutus determines that she needs surgery for a double compression of her median nerve on both sides (carpal tunnel and lacertus syndrome). The day after her surgery on the first side, she slept the whole night, something she had not done in 2 years. She could not believe it. After her second surgery, her symptoms disappeared, and her strength came back.

"Our health has no price. If we want what is best for us, we have to invest our time and money into it, instead of spending it on materialistic possessions anyways. If I had to do it again, I would do it exactly like this. It was worth every single penny."

Exceptional Patient No.7

CC had surgery for carpal tunnel compression in both hands a few years ago by another surgeon. Her symptoms disappeared completely after the surgery.

A few years later, she started having neuropathic pain again, but it was different from what she had before. She had no pain at night, and the numbness and throbbing she had were going up her forearms. She also had a loss of strength and was very clumsy with both hands. She went to see her family doctor who ordered an EMG.

With the results of the EMG passed at the level of her wrists, the doctor recommended a repeat carpal tunnel decompression surgery on both wrists again. Discouraged and unsure, the patient consulted with Exception MD. Taking the time to listen to her complaints and rigorously evaluating both upper limbs, Dr. Brutus diagnosed CC with lacertus syndrome in both arms, while the provocative tests for the carpal tunnel were negative, suggesting that the previous decompressions were successful.

Lacertus syndrome is, in fact, a compression of the same nerve that is compressed by the carpal tunnel, but it is compressed higher, at the elbow. CC decided to go ahead with lacertus decompression surgery on both elbows. During the 30-minute surgery, Dr. Brutus was able to test and feel the return of active strength in both of CC’s hands.

10 minutes after the operation, CC sits in the office so that her strength can be objectively re-evaluated immediately post-op. Here is the calculated improvement: a 29% increase in her right hand and a 60% increase in her left hand while she is still under local anesthesia. Not only that, but CC reports that the numbness has already diminished, and the throbbing sensation has already disappeared in both her forearms.

"The first doctor recommended redoing the two carpal tunnel surgeries, but I felt there was something different. Searching the internet, I found that I had lacertus syndrome. I then went to see Dr. Brutus, who confirmed to me that I no longer had a carpal tunnel problem but that it was higher up, in both elbows. If I hadn't listened to myself, I would have had another operation for nothing. Dr. Brutus explained to me that the EMG did not detect the lacertus syndrome... After my surgery on both elbows, I recovered very quickly. THANKS."
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