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  • Cubital Tunnel Release

  • Fasciectomy

  • Joint Replacement With Implant

  • Centralisation ECU

  • Arthrosynovial Cyst Excision

  • Mucous Cyst Excision

  • Thumb Ligament Repair

  • De Quervain's Tendonitis

  • Trapeziectomy

  • Tumor Excision

Visit our specialized website on carpal tunnel syndrome

Endoscopic decompression using the Smart Release system is the most effective and rapid way to treat carpal tunnel syndrome.

Visit our specialized website on Dupuytren’s Contracture

The percutaneous needle procedure, also known as aponeurotomy, is the most advanced, least invasive, and fastest way to treat Dupuytren’s disease.

Visit our specialized website on Trigger Finger

Endoscopic decompression is the latest, least invasive, and fastest technique to treat trigger finger and restore the full use of your hand.

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How to ease your carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms? How to recognize trigger finger? What should you bring on the day of your surgery?

Dr. Brutus offers a series of publications on a variety of health topics. Written in a clear and simple language, in collaboration with experts in various fields, these books are offered free of charge for download.

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