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Patient exceptionnel NO.15

DV is a specialist in manicure and pedicure.

"After working for so many years, I developed de Quervain's tendonitis for which I was operated on by a plastic surgeon at the hospital. Unfortunately, I had a complication with instability of the extensor tendon of the thumb. My surgeon told me that it was rare but that there was nothing he could do. He suggested that I change my job and wear an orthosis to relieve my pain. That's when I consulted Dr. Brutus, who saw me quickly. He passed an ultrasound to examine and show me my tendons that did not stay in place when I moved my wrist. He explained that this was indeed a rare complication, but that it was possible to reconstruct the sheath of my tendons to stabilize them. He performed the surgery quickly and even showed me what he was doing during the surgery. After the operation, rehabilitation was necessary to regain my mobility. Because I had formed adhesions due to the immobilization required after the reconstruction, I needed a second procedure (tenolysis) to restore the gliding of my tendons.  Dr. Brutus told me that this might be necessary.  The second surgery went well, and after my recovery, I got my life back! Many thanks Dr. B."

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