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Hands, like wrinkles, crow’s feet and gray hair, are a telltale sign when it comes to guessing our age. Pigment spots, thin and dehydrated skin, more visible bluish veins… these marks are all undesirable signs that can testify to the effects of time.

In an era where smartphones are ubiquitous and overused, we are seeing more and more cases of people suffering from a new type of pathology: textonitis, also known as thumb texting tendinitis or texting disease.

According to several studies focusing on disease control and prevention, millions of school days are lost each year due to infections such as colds, flu (influenza) and gastrointestinal infections.

The feeling of freedom, the pleasure of the road, the thirst for exploring… motorcycle enthusiasts often cite the same reasons to explain their enthusiasm. Many of them also complain of the same ailment: numbness in the fingers and hands that are often annoying,

Have you just had hand surgery? See how to optimize your recovery for a quick return to your activities.

Onychophagia, or the act of frequent and compulsive nail biting, is a widespread problem affecting nearly one in three people. Children, adolescents and young adults can be affected, the incidence being higher in subjects aged 35 to 49 years. School-aged children would be affected by the most severe forms of the disorder

The inconveniences associated with gardening are few. Beyond the well-being and the joys that this popular activity can bring, spending a lot of time moving the earth and handling plants and fertilizers can however be disastrous for the hands. Repeated rubbing and cleaning can damage and weaken the skin, exposing it more easily to bacteria, allergens and other irritants.

Are you a new mom and spending a lot of time with your offspring in your arms? Carrying a child for repeated long periods can cause strain and pain in the wrists and hands. What appears as a temporary discomfort can sometimes develop into a more serious condition: De Quervain’s tenosynovitis, also called “mommy thumb” or young mother’s tendonitis.

Whether they are regulars on bike paths or enthusiasts of long-distance cycling, many bike enthusiasts experience hand problems at one point or another. The repetitive and prolonged support position on the handlebars…

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