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Waking up with numb hands can be alarming, but if it is your only symptom, there is likely an easily treatable explanation. The hands are filled with numerous nerve tunnels that can be damaged by a number of conditions. It is important to quickly identify the correct affliction to get proper treatment in order to Waking Up With Numb Hands: Causes and Treatment

Pregnancy can affect the body in many different ways, including the wrist. Approximately 35% to 62% of women report having wrist pain during…

Everyone has experienced a sensation of numbness in their hands. You wake up in the middle of the night due to a numb hand. You were lying on your arm, and the lack of circulation caused such significant tingling that it woke you…

Cavities are not the only health risks associated with celebrating Halloween. Every year, hand surgeons treat many patients, adults and children, for severe hand or finger injuries sustained while carving pumpkins.

The hand is the part of the body most frequently injured at work, far ahead of the back or the lower limbs. In Quebec, hand and wrist accidents represent one of the leading causes of work stoppage and partial disability, and account for a significant proportion of the cases handled by the CSST.

Thumb metacarpophalangeal joint sprain is one of the most common injuries on the ski slopes.

Many skiers have already suffered from a sprained thumb following a bad fall.

In North America, more than 7,000 accidents are attributable to snowblowers each year. Cuts to hands, broken or crushed bones, mutilation and amputation of fingers are the most frequent injuries, while men are the main victims of the incidents reported.

If for some, the arrival of winter means the beginning of a long ordeal, for others the season is an opportunity to go play outside and practice a multitude of activities and sports. However, who has fun in cold weather is exposed to the risk of frostbite to the nose, ears, toes and fingers!

Hand, finger and wrist pain comes in many forms and can stem from a multitude of causes. If the practice of sports activities, repetitive manual tasks and aging are sometimes at the origin of the symptoms, certain diseases, in particular diabetes and hypothyroidism, can also be responsible for many ailments. Hand pain should not be taken lightly.

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