The wide expanses of our country can sometimes limit access to specialized health care.

A virtual or phone consultation allows you to get answers to questions you may have about a specific hand or wrist condition and learn about the different treatment options available, from the comfort and privacy of your homeor your health care provider’s office.

It is the simplest, fastest and most direct way to have access to a hand surgeon expertise, without having to travel away from your work and family. 

If you have questions about your hand or wrist problem,if you or your doctor believesthat your condition requires specialist assessment or treatment, you can now make and appointment for a virtual or phone consultation with Dr. Jean-Paul Brutus.


–          Eliminates unnecessary delays and travel hassles. The consultation is held at the time and place that suit you.

–          Fast, simple and direct

–          Private and confidential

–          Allows your doctor or therapist to assist

How does it work?

You must first send or have your referral doctor send us (by fax or mail) your medical records (including x-rays, scans, MRIs and EMGs). All relevant results will be reviewed.

An appointment will be made for your virtual or phone consultation. As with a normal consultation, you will be asked to explain your symptoms and their impact on your life. Your occupation, medical history, and health concerns will then be discussed.

If the consultation allows visual examination, Dr. Brutus may ask you to indicate the area of pain and to perform certain movements.

Once your medical condition is assessed, Dr. Brutus will inform you of the different treatment options available. Most conditions can now be treated without surgery.

The average consultation lasts 30 minutes.

Many conditions* can be diagnosed and evaluated through a virtual or phone consultation:

–          Tunnel carpel syndrome

–          Cubital tunnel syndrome

–          Osteoarthritis and arthritis of the hand

–          Dupuytren’s contracture

–          Ganglion cyst

–          Trigger finger

–          Mallet finger

Note: Certain more complex problems may not lend themselves to a virtual or phone consultation and require a face-to-face physical examination.

How to proceed?

  • Submit your consultation request by completing the form below and pay the consultation fees.
  • Our coordinator will contact you to determine the date and time of the consultation.
  • Send us yourmedical records by fax or mail.
  • Be sure to be available in front of your computer or on the phone on the scheduled day and time, in a private and confidential setting.

What is the cost of a virtual or phone consultation?

The price for your consultation will be provided upon request. Healthcare expenses can entitle you to a tax credit.

If you think a phone or virtual consultation is an interesting option for you, contact us to find out how to send your medical information and determine a date for your appointment with Dr. Brutus.


If you think you have a medical emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest hospital. For other medical concerns, contact your physician or another qualified health care professional. A physical evaluation of your condition is always preferable is possible.

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