After breaking my wrist (scaphoid in particular), I was looking for an effective way to treat the injury. Being an active person and often needing dexterity and mobility with my hands/wrists for my profession, I was looking for a solution that wouldn’t require having to wear a cast for 12 weeks. I met with Dr. Brutus, and within a week he was able to quickly arrange for a surgery date. Literally within 24 hours of having a pin inserted, I was working again and my recovery has been excellent.


*Results may vary

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A happy patient

The results of the operation performed on my two wrists on 8 September to correct problems associated with the carpal tunnels was very successful. The result was in line with your prognosis given prior to the surgical intervention . I am entirely satisfied and grateful for your skill. I have recommended you to a family friend who has similar symptoms to mine before your intervention. Thank you Doctor Brutus

*Results may vary

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Job well done.
You were very professional and the surgery went better than I ever anticipated.
I even strummed a few chords on my guitar the very next day and was playing guitar again
within a week.

I was never in very much pain and am amazed at how quickly the healing process was.

Thanks again.

*Results may vary

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J.N., Côte Saint-Luc

Dr. Brutus answered all my questions related to my hand surgery which went very well.  He told me expectations of my results in a realistic and forthcoming matters.  His predictions about my recovery time were most accurate.  I had minor pain for two days then it disappeared.  The remaining numbness is slowly disappearing over time.  He is quite an expert hand surgeon, probably one of only a few in Québec.

*Results may vary

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For me, Dr. Brutus is the synonym of excellence. I came from Ottawa to have a trigger finger surgery, attracted by so many positive reviews and I am happy to have made that decision. Dr. Brutus is knowledgeable and takes the time to explain to you in detail the pathology and the treatment needed. In my case it was a surgery. I felt like I was discussing with an old friend and all my fears and anxiety vanished. Dr. Brutus performed thousands of surgeries and knows exactly what he is doing. My surgery lasted only 12 minutes and it seemed to be easier than a tooth extraction because of the outstanding skills of dr. Brutus. He was reassuring and always answered my questions. I highly recommend him for a smooth surgery experience without risks.

*Results may vary

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After searching unsuccessfully to find a surgeon who does the endoscopic carpal tunnel surgery, I finally found Dr. Jean Paul Brutus in Montreal via the internet. I contacted Dr. Brutus by e-mail, got all the necessary information immediately and was able to get an appointment fast and at a time convenient for me. I have never met a physician so empathetic and caring who was at the same time highly competent, professional and yet down-to-earth and with a sense of humour. The bilingual staff at the Montreal Institute for special Surgery was pleasant as well as efficient. The procedure was fast (less than 20 minutes) and the recovery time extremely quick. The next day I was able to shower, even do some computer work. My hand does not go numb at night anymore and today (3 weeks after the procedure) the tiny incision has healed and is barely noticeable. For me, the cost of the surgery and the long trip to Montreal were well worth it and I highly recommend Dr. Brutus as a surgeon.

*Results may vary

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A Hong Kong Tennis Player

I hope you remember me.  I am the tennis player from Hong Kong with Dupuytren’s Contracture.  I had surgery in September and the outcome has been very satisfactory.  Thank you very much for the extremely good care.

*Results may vary

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Hello Dr. Brutus
Thought you may be interested to see, how my wrist looks today – 7 days after the surgery. I think you did a pretty good job! Thank you! I was glad to be able to type, already one day after the operation and now (one week later) I feel that I’m almost back to normal – have to remind myself constantly not to lift and pull heavily. I never took any of the prescribed pain medication and yesterday morning I took the last Ibuprofen. I feel great and have no pain.

*Results may vary

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On Monday, Nov. 11, Dr. Brutus did my carpal tunnel surgery. I can report, that today I feel great, so far I have not taken any pain medication – there is no pain. All I take is the Novo Profen against inflammation. It was a real pleasure to meet Dr. Brutus – he is the nicest Doctor I have met so far and I was so pleased how professionally I was treated by him and also by the nurses and staff at the Institut.

*Results may vary

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A Montreal Surgeon

I broke my right wrist playing street hockey at age 25. For many years it did not bother me. As I got older I developed severe Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with progressively worse symptoms. In particular in the last 10 years (I am now 65), I would wake up at night with burning pain and numbness in my right hand.

I am a laparoscopic bariatric surgeon, and when the pain and symptoms became severe enough that I felt would put my patient’s at risk during surgery, I decided to have endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Surgery with Dr. Brutus. I was impressed with his professionalism and that of his staff and the Institut de Chirurgie Specialisee de Montreal.

I had the surgery on August 12, 2013. I was back operating within a week and in 6 weeks I was able to do all my sports activities including playing golf, with all the symptoms (pain, burning, numbness etc) completely resolved.

I would highly recommend this endoscopic surgery to those who suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with Dr. Brutus without reservations. After all I trusted him with my livelihood!

*Results may vary

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