Injections of botulinum toxin protein (BOTOX®) are a new, simple, and effective treatment option for Raynaud’s disease, commonly called the “cold hands” syndrome.

The treatment consists in a local injection into the hands. The protein relaxes the muscles that control the affected blood vessels and simultaneously blocks some of the sympathetic nerves that send pain signals.

The results of this treatment method have been very encouraging for patients suffering from a severe form of the disease. Benefits can last up to several months, according to a study conducted by researchers in Chicago.

Unlike medications prescribed to treat the symptoms of Raynaud’s disease, BOTOX® injections rarely cause any side effects.


  • Rapid, simple procedure
  • Rapid relief from pain
  • Lasting effects (3 to 6 months and more)
  • Safe and proven
  • Rare side effects


Dr. Jean-Paul Brutus is one of the few physicians in Canada to perform botulinum toxin protein (BOTOX®) injections for the treatment of Raynaud’s disease.

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