Dr. Brutus offers a series of practical and comprehensive guides on a variety of health topics. Written in a clear and simple language, in collaboration with experts from various fields, these books are offered free of charge in downloadable version.

Practical and free electronic publications

Self help book for carpal tunnel syndrome:The essential guide to a quick recovery


Dr. Jean-Paul Brutus and Nathalie Brisebois (Occupational Therapist) answer the most frequently asked questions about carpal tunnel syndrome and offer advice to treat the disease without surgery.

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Treat yourself to osteoarthritis of the hand and rhizarthrosis: Your practical guide to understanding and relieving your symptoms and preventing deformities

Dr. Jean-Paul Brutus, Nathalie Brisebois (occupational therapist) and Noémie Vézina answer the most common questions about osteoarthritis of the hand and offer advice to relieve pain and prevent malformations.

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