Sport InjuriesDr. Brutus commonly treats athletes who want to go back to their sport as quickly as possible. When surgery is required and Dr. Brutus will always favor the least invasive techniques.

Cycling accidents

Common injuries include wrist cartilage and ligament tears, hand and wrist fractures. Nerve entrapments are also known and can result from prolonged grasping of the handlebars. Other conditions include de Quervain’s tendonitis, Tennis elbow and Golf elbow.

Boxing and martial arts injuries

Injuries to the hand and wrist most frequently occur from improper punching techniques resulting in fractures or ligament tears in the wrist or hand.

Fingers can jammed resulting in extensor tendon injuries. Extensor tendon dislocation is also commonly seen over the knuckle.

Skiing and snowboarding accidents

Skiers thumb is caused by the thumb becoming injured by the ski pole when the skier falls. This stretches or ruptures a very important ligament in the thumb.

Fractures and ligament injuries of the wrist are also common.


Ligament injuries in the wrist or the fingers are very common. Fractures, and dislocations can result from a fall.

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